Children understand.

It baffles me that children are the only ones that actually are not biased. They play with other children that are simply not the same. They are different

There is this muslim girl in our class who covers herself head to toe. She may get called names throughout the halls, but she understands that the people who call her these names are immature. She goes about her day with pride, honor, and dignity. She never does something out of line, always focusing on school, and working her hardest. She is proud of what she is and she goes about it with honor. I admire her and look up to her to no end because of what she does and how she goes about it. 

But why doesn’t this difference go unnoticed? Why doesn’t she just seem like a normal kid to me? Maybe because I do have biased about her. I always think about her differently than I think about someone else. I don’t know why, but I just do. 

When I compare my relationship with the muslim girl to a normal american adult relationship to a muslim girl, I think it would be quite different. I do not speak for other americans, I just speak for what I think other americans are thinking. 

To me, they are thinking her parents are bad people so they treat this child wrong. But why don’t they just look at this child for who she is? A hardworking, honorable, dignified student? Because they have basis. They think because she is different than the rest of us, then she is bad. 

Stop being biased because people are different, simply look at how the person is, and not how she appears to be. 


Taking some time off….

Last week, this week, and next week have all been some final exams. For this reason, I have not been posting daily. 

Once I return for good I have a few ideas including:

  • Possible new host
  • Better Content
  • More real life content 

I hope to see you all after I make it through the next two weeks! 

HBO Coming to iTunes? and various other number of sites report that HBO and Apple are close to signing a deal to bring media to iTunes. This will mark the first time HBO has jumped into a different media than television. With a price of 1.99 USD that will be an average price. 

My Opinion:

I think that this is an excellent move by both HBO and Apple to bring different media to iTunes. One question comes to mind though, are they going to allow nudity? As of this moment I don’t think there is any nudity on the iTunes store. I think that nudity is ok and it should be fine to add to the store, but others would disagree highly. What will the decision be?

I am very happy that Apple and HBO are teaming forces and hopefully the videos will not top 1.99. I know this will be where my next 300 dollars is spent. I am looking forward to see if this does come true. 

iPhone Status

The iPhone is no doubt a wonder to use. The only problem? Exclusiveness. 

I say exclusiveness because it’s just horrible that AT&T ended up getting the phone. Some people would beg to differ but it’s just my personal opinion. They drop everywhere, no one has them in my area, and their customer support is crap. I say this from personal experience because my father had them for a short amount of time. This might only be his personal experience, but it has affect my decision not to get an iPhone greatly. 

Another main defeat that has to deal with exclusiveness is the plans. It is 60 dollars to get 450 minutes, and only 200 SMS text messages. AT&T to AT&T texting is free. Well if everyone in my area has AT&T then this would be just fine, but no one in my area does have AT&T so this is a major defeat in the battle in getting the iPhone. So why not just add on unlimited texting? Well that is 30 dollars. So 90 dollars for just having a phone? Well I guess that is the price we pay for the things we love. It just doesn’t make since to me. I text a whole lot more then talk so 150 minutes with unlimited texting for 60 dollars would be great, or something along those lines. 

I hope that with the upcoming 3G iPhone we will see better plans. If we see them, I will be right there waiting in line with the rest of the apple community just begging for an iPhone. 




Why did I decide to blog? 

Mainly due to the fact I read tons of blogs and I thought it couldn’t be that hard, even though everyone says it is. Everything in life is hard, but you can achieve it if you really want it. The first thing I have to find is a niche. I don’t really have a clue what this will be, but I need to find it. Maybe technology, trends, life, or who knows? Have you a suggestion? Drop a comment below. The main thing about this blog is I am going to write whatever I want and not care what others think. 

With that in mind, I am going to set out on this Journey.